Getting started with LiveMarket

The aim of LiveMarket is to build a community of advertisers that have instant access to your audience. These advertisers will build a new content stream for you and are ripe for upgrading to Premium (and other ad products) to boost their exposure.

We have removed the friction of bringing in new advertisers with the freemium model (Dropbox, Evernote, Google, etc). So the 1st challenge is simply to get the word out.

Step 1 is to get advertisers into LiveMarket so they can experience it. Learning something new is best via doing it.

I would recommend those involved on your staff set up free Lite account(s) so they can promote a few things and experience the emails and reporting that comes along with LiveMarket (just click the Post your Promotions for Free button on the sites, create promo and that will sign you up). They will also see how the upgrade process works.

The data shows a very high response of "Interested Customers" for each promo posted so any business or organization would be crazy to not sign up for free. We even send a weekly report via email that shows them how many Interested Customers they attracted, and a reminder to post another promo.

So the main goal now: let's fill LiveMarket with advertisers

Things to do now:

  • Seed your LiveMarket by posting/scheduling a few promotions: Events or spotlight some friendly advertisers. You will want to post a few promotions for advertisers to get the idea of what they can do.
  • Talk it up! Any business owner you run into can create promotions for free. Just tell them to go to your site and create their 1st promotion. LiveMarket is producing the highest click-through rates we have seen in digital advertising
  • Send an email blast
  • Post an article about LiveMarket
  • Webinar: we can run a "How to advertise on XXXXX for free with our new LiveMarket" Keep it to 20 min
  • We have a print flyer to drop off during sales visits 
  • Get all ad reps signed up with LiveMarket accounts and have them give some businesses love with promos (they can post up promos for their favorite advertisers or businesses/causes)

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