LiveMarket Lite vs. LiveMarket Premium

LiveMarket Lite (free version) offers the following benefits

  1. Login anytime and post a promotion on LiveMarket
  2. Your promotion will go live instantly
  3. LiveMarket Lite lets you publish 1 new promotion every month
  4. Promote specials, events, services, anything you need for your organization
  5. Once promos go live they will appear on your publisher's home page and article pages
  6. Includes reporting so you can see how your promotions performed
  7. Strong SEO links to your site

Upgrade to LiveMarket Premium or Premium Pro to get 10x more exposure with these benefits:

  1. Post more promotions: no waiting, no restrictions, post promotions each week. This allows you to promote everything going on in your business. Premium allows 5 promotions per month, includes mobile boost and Premium Pro allows unlimited promotions each month and includes Scheduling (super fast way to post multiple promotions over time)
  2. Get the top spot: As soon as you click Publish your promotion shows up in the top LiveMarket spot (Lite/Free promos do not get the top spot)
  3. Mobile boost: Your new promos will show up on every mobile view when readers use their phones (Lite/Free promos do not get mobile boost)
  4. Schedule promotions: Our most useful feature... create all your promos for the week or month in one sitting. Reschedule past promotions for even faster results.

Upgrade today to start reaching more customers now

(You can switch back to the free Lite version at any time)

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